Why Attend?

By attending the conference, you will learn from your peers/ subject matter experts to enrich your skills and knowledge while having an interactive and fun experience. When thinking about attending the conference you may ask yourself the question: Should I attend? Do I have anything worthy to present? What will I get out of this opportunity? While we believe that there are countless reasons why you should attend the PD Conference, we’ve managed to narrow it down to three:

  • Hear from the Experts and your Peers: Our speakers and session facilitators are company leaders, peers and industry experts. Many of them are current CLC employees; others are well-respected industry leaders who know what you need to know. You’ll get unique insight into the innovative new practices that will change how the industry is evolving.
  • Learn skills and Stay up-to-date: No matter how long you’ve been in the company or what position you hold, chances are there is still something you need to learn. Trends, new strategies, and innovations; to stay up-to-date you need an educational opportunity that provides you with the full range of industry knowledge.
  • Have Fun and Network: The conference is a lot of learning packed into a short amount of time. But you’ll also have opportunities to relax and get to know your peers. When you meet with your peers, you have an opportunity to collaborate, hear new ideas, and validate or change your perspectives. You may hear what others are doing and be inspired to implement something similar – or you might find a mentor or even become one.
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