2018 Sessions

1A. Seizing the Moment – Residence Life Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles by Fostering Growth in People & Teams

Stream: Residence Life
Presenter: Cassie Greenough

Through daily exploration into self, abundance mindset, and compassionate grit, the Algonquin College Residence Life team has been able to develop an environment of psychological safety for staff and students.

This session will explore the concept of psychological safety and how it applies to team dynamics. Participants will learn how self-awareness, when practiced daily, is key to creating an environment of psychological safety – where conflic avoidance is limited, openness to vulnerability is celebrated, strengths are capitalized upon, and areas of development for each team member are supported.

Come learn how to bring these skills to your team and foster innovative collaboration through staff and student engagement!

1B. Leadership Starts with “Carrying the Bags”

Stream: Management
Presenter: Shannon Doll

“The most crucial element of a team that achieves and sustains historic greatness, is the character of the player who leads it.” -Sam Walker

This session will focus on the theories and principles surrounding Sports Leadership, and how those principles can be applied on a corporate level to drive success. Participants will walk away with a series of leadership and team development strategies that can be applied both in, and outside the workplace, along with the ability to develop a basic plant o apply these principles at their individual properties.

2A. Leadership – Lessons Learned

Stream: Management
Presenters: James Hotze

During the course of his career with Campus Living Centres, James Hotze has managed both student and professional staff, learning leadership techniques and tips and tricks along the way. In this session James will share his experiences with CLC and lessons in leadership he’s learned along the way.

2B. Gender Inclusive Housing

Stream: Operations
Presenter: Jaclyn O’Sullivan & Marc Athanas

As our society is becoming increasingly more complex in terms of how we view gender, it is important that we, as housing providers, evolve accordingly and provide an inclusive environment for welcoming all students.

Jaclyn and Marc from Durham will share DC/UOIT’s experience with Gender Inclusive Housing, discussing the obstacles that were encountered, the benefits that have arisen, and sharing their firsthand insight with the implementation of this housing model.

3A. Using Team Culture to Build a High Performance Workplace

Stream: Management
Presenters: Richard MacIsaac & Courtney Daponte

Fostering a positive team culture is important to help us achieve our personal, professional, and companywide goals. This session will explore the differences between ‘Bosses’ and ‘Leaders’, while identifying why both styles are necessary and how to work cohesively with different personalities. Participants will develop an understanding of the ‘life cycle’ of an employee, how costly it is to hire new employees, and how to start off on the right foot with new hires. Through discussion and group activity participants will learn about strategies to improve team culture and create workplaces that our employees want to come into!

3B. Mt. Changeover

Stream: Operations
Presenter: Jaclyn O’Sullivan & Nicole Burnet

Take a trip up Mount Changeover with Nicole and Jaclyn from Durham/UOIT! We will guide you through how to plan, pack, and execute your climb! Learn how to navigate the unknowns of the Residence wilderness and make it to the summit of your first hotel check-in.

After attending this session participants will be able to:

  • Determine appropriate timelines for each step of the changeover process
  • Navigate the road blocks that may occur
  • Gain a better understanding of each department’s role during changeover
  • Organize and execute a successful changeover plan!

4A. Lipstick on a Pig: A Case Study

Stream: Operations
Presenter: Robyn Blough

To “put lipstick on a pig” is a rhetorical expression used to convey the message that making superficial changes is a futile attempt to disguise a product or person.

In this session Robyn will explore repositioning the reputation of existing properties or newly acquired CLC properties. Participants will learn tactics and strategies to successfully integrate a property’s reputation back into the college/university community, while exploring the challenges related to transitioning a property.

This session will cover:

  • Cost vs. Benefit
  • Staff Involvement
  • Reputation Rebuild
  • Community Involvement
  • Employee Training
  • Under Promising & Over Delivering

4B. Emotion Management & Communication in the Workplace

Stream: Management
Presenters: Krystine Wickins

Emotions – what are they and how can they be managed? This session aims to explore emotions in a healthy and positive way, even when emotions may be negative (sadness, anger, frustration). We will explore the Emotional Intelligence Theory, using Daniel Goleman’s book by the same name, recognizing and managing emotions in ourselves and others, and the art of communicating when you feel like screaming. We will also go through some case studies to put your knowledge to the test. When emotions are understood and valued, it makes leading, serving, and engaging that much easier!

5A. Do the Hybrid: Res Life from On Campus to Off Campus

Stream: Operations
Presenter: Jacqueline Hale & Brianna Junor

To some, the off-campus world can sound like a scary place, leaving many wondering how do they keep their residents engaged? Is there a sense of  belonging on campus? How is the community experience created for students living off campus? As CLC’s off-campus portfolio begins to expand, the importance of understanding misconceptions about these properties and how they operate is becoming more important.

This presentation will shed some light on the many commonalities between the on and off campus worlds, including programming and enhancing the student experience, while highlighting ways to develop what we consider a ‘hybrid’ model of student housing.

Come check us out and “Do the Hybrid”!

5B. A Leader’s Guide to Cultivating Creativity

Stream: Management
Presenter: Erica Fearnall

Think about the last time someone asked you to create something new, did you believe you could do it?

Creative thinking challenges our daily lives through complex problem solving, generating innovative ideas, and working cohesively with others. This session is designed to reframe creativity as a skill that can be accessed, developed, practiced, and performed to help you achieve higher levels of success.

Through use of The Big Book of Creativity Games and Brainsprouting, participants will learn simple processes to unleash their inherent creative powers and help their team do the same!

Regardless of where participants come from, or what position they hold, everyone can benefit from opening their mind to new creative possibilities, and not only ‘thinking outside the box’, but getting out of the box!

6A. Building Great Work Relationships & Improving Difficult Ones

Stream: Management
Presenters: Jessica Lin & James Tesoro

Human beings are naturally social creatures – we crave friendship and positive interactions, jut as we do food and water. Therefore, it makes sense that the better our relationships are at work, the happier and more productive we are. There are of course times when we’ll have to work with someone who we don’t necessarily like, or someone who we simply can’t relate to. But, for the sake of our work, it is essential that we maintain a professional relationship with them. Just remember – not all relationships will be great; but we can make sure that they are, at least, workable!

6B. Sales & Technology

Stream: Sales, Marketing & Communication
Presenters: Shaun Freeman, Mike Parente & Erik van Dijk

The reality is that we are not operating in a changing marketplace, we’re operating in a changed marketplace.  Over the course of an hour, this session will provide an overall framework for how our summer guests are booking, and how we position our properties online. Shaun, Mike, and Erik will discuss the theory of yield management, the importance of our new Channel Management software – SiteMinder, and the factors that impact search ranking within various online travel websites.

7A. Res Life Revised: How to Create a Positively Engaged Community in 2018

Stream: Residence Life
Presenter: Andrew Mackereth & Jason Copeland

Is your Res Life team struggling to build the best community? Program attendance low? Do residents think you’ve hired a bunch of hard-nosed enforcers that are only there to ruin their fun and tie them down with rules?  This session is for you!

In this session Andrew and Jason will be discussing reinventing staff image and changing their mindset from that of ‘Residence Police’ to the positive, community-building super humans they are!  Topics will include; changing outward appearances to shift student and staff perceptions, building community through consistency and commitment to meaningful and cost-effective methods that won’t destroy your budget, and most importantly what you can do to keep the rest of your team motivated.

Open your mind and get ready for change, it’s time to step up your game!

7B. Let’s Talk About Web Baby!

Stream: Operations
Presenter: Charles de Guzman

Charles will be sharing his vast StarRez knowledge in this informative session! Find out what updates are currently in the works for StarRez, watch as Charles demonstrates how processes in the client version of StarRez can be completed using StarRez Web, and get answers to your questions!

8A. Summer Sales: What’s it all about?

Stream: Sales, Marketing & Communication
Presenter: David Carroll & Kelly McLellan

A career in Sales is anything but typical. It’s about thinking outside the box, networking, and being creative to drive revenue.

In this session David Carroll and Kelly McLellan, one of CLC’s dynamic-Sales-duos, will provide insight into; the importance of partnership with your institution, community relationship building, networking with associations and organizations, and tools and tactics for achieving summer revenue.

If you are considering a position in Sales, driven by setting and surpassing goals, and enjoy networking with the best of them, this is a must attend session!

8B. Under One Roof: Outreach Worker in Residence

Stream: Residence Life
Presenters: Marc Athanas & Krystine Wickins

The team at DC/UOIT are very fortunate to have an Outreach Worker right in Residence. This presentation will cover their journey through implementing this role in a full time capacity, the impact on the students, staff, and community at large, as well as highlighting the services the role provides to the residence and the campus community.

Breakaway Session: Time & Attendance

Presenters: Charlan Tryan & Jan Dearing

What can the new WFN Time & Attendance module do for you?  Want to meet the payroll team?  Jan and Charlan will review the timecards and exception rules while providing some insight into what will cause issues.   During the session they will cover the Time & Attendance and Time Off modules of the new system.   Let’s make the most of the new tools!

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